cross era red color seems to have become a sign of Nike, air max 90 ultra moire release become greet new year the first pair of bright red shoes styles. Hot color nature do not have much to say, and the modernization of punching synthetic uppers and streamlined air sole unit has also become must be in charge of reason. source: Rise recently, century of villages in the visvim who presided during a Paris showroom opening accepted the interview Hypebeast, talking about the relevant design, life and antique keen to reason, make people more clearly know that pioneered a legend is the m Retro jordans for sale ain reason people some personal thoughts. Very much like visvim's friends reading, the following is the part of our selection of the interview record with you to see what it. (this Abridged) how do you explain your fascination with vintage items and crafts? clearly, these old objects are not for commercial purposes. And when I find these things, because some kind of demand is made, the energy they contain is infinite. And they, in the use of these energy and I exchange, and I also enjoy the feeling that they stay around. I feel these things inspire me all the time, so that I can do Retro jordans for sale something for myself, too. if I do something, not just to make money, but it touched me. When I was very young, I started to collect antiques, and had a very different feeling than the ones that were found in flea markets and antique shops. When I started to do the brand, I really want to know how to use the method to make their products are like those old objects like to touch me. For me, the process of exploring the "find it" method is very interesting. most of your collection is something that people don't need, and why do you think people are going to abandon them? I'll take a cheap jordans online t least 5 suitcases when I travel. Sometimes the local customs and the relevant staff will check out of the box. But when I opened the box they found that it was full of old clothes from eighteenth Century. This is a great treasure for me, but for others it is a waste. In these meaningful things, it really makes me feel so good. The special value of these things for me, far more than selling what they bring economic value. Just as I have a passion for hand - woven carpets and the Indian tribal shoes. I appreciate these things, and then I get inspiration from them, and I hope that t cheap jordan shoes for men he products produced by these inspirations can touch other people like me. why do you think now people no longer love? think back to that people generally think that things can be repeated use of the time, they are not in the minds of the concept of "abandoned". People often pass on to the next generation of objects that they cannot continue to use: I pass through my sister's jeans, which I was born in the 70's.. Although I don't want to wear those pants, mom and grandma think I should wear them. but now it's different, everything seems to be a one-time. Even when you come to a sto Cheap air jordans for sale re with a simple camera, you will be told that you can't fix it ". This is also the reason why I like antique cars, because they are all 〉 the Sina entertainment news ahead of the scheduled 2016 Christmastime greeting the new year off the ace tease ace "recently in Hong Kong International Film Exhibition landing field magazine cover. International Poster version of a pass by the network, caused massive attention. The starring Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Wong Cho Lam, ran Hu, Ouyang Nana and Shen Teng special starred in the action adventure comedy movies, peep Zhenrong this. t Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping he annual Hong Kong International Film Festival grand opening, the ace tease trump card "of the international version of the poster got the attention of netizens: Andy Lau and Huang Xiaoming suits riding on a bicycle, Shuai to no limit! The poster in the atmosphere with a serious and facetious at the same time, banter, memorable. And with a map of the city of Milan as a background, more to fans of Lenovo to framing Italy also a classic movie "Roman holiday", Andy Huang Xiaoming "Milano" let users brain hole open: "the bike for a small motorcycle is a liar!" poster content compellin cheap foamposites g, the film itself is very eye-catching. Menacing "trump card funny ace film magazine cover beach landing, scene offensive as full range occupied all eye, which makes film festival to participate in the industry and fans there is nothing wrong to the expectations of the film burst table values, let the ace tease ace instantly become the Hong Kong Film Festival the most attention to the" trump card ". The scene media laments: "feel this year's Hong Kong International Film Festival has been Andy Lau and Mr. Huang Xiaoming dominating the world. Field cover, light box...... Everywhere Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping is riding a bicycle, Andy Lau and Huang Xiaoming's smiling face, ACE is really ace ah!" Once the news came out, immediately triggered massive comments and forwarding network. according to staff revealed, "ace tease ace Milan highlight have all been fixing, in addition to the all star and has released a special star, and more ace secret into the group, starring role as strictly confidential. Embarrassing to explore the Dodger's new mix and crush on heavy shadow of ultra luxury lineup, the ace tease ace has been scheduled in advance of the 2016 movie for greeting the new year the fi cheap jordans for sale mens rst position. it is reported that the film "ace" will be released on the ace with national cinema in December 24th.well-known sports brand Adidas to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to become Beijing Olympic sponsor, the former would like to open the Chinese market visibility and market share, is not expected by the rival Li Ning was actually the opening ceremony in front of billions of viewers "fly" into the nest light the flame, not spend a dime that is the focus of global attention in exchange. "China Times" pointed out that former Chinese gymnastics prince Li Ning and fo cheap jordans for sale under of the "Li Ning" sportswear company known overseas may not be high, but now forty-year-old Li Ning in the Olympic opening ceremony Near the end, hanging wire, holding the torch lit by the torch flew over the nest the moment, "Li Ning" word again become the world's famous people and brands. not spend a dime, Li Ning to appear before the audience of billions, spent $ 250 million on the heavily made global Olympic sponsor Adidas, How cruel, the world's second largest advertising Su Ming-day marketing group WPP CEO Sir (Sir Martin Sorrell) commented that, "Whether it is for personal or brand, are incredible!" and advertising industry have described the move as: Olympic "ambush marketing (ambush marketing)" The greatest classic history. Select Li Ning has its symbolic. Li Ning in 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games in gymnastics, won three gold medals, two silvers and one bronze, at that time in the wave of reform and opening up of the Chinese government and people, it brings self-confidence, it has become over the past three decades China sports, economy Rise of the best image and social representations. If purely from a marketing perspective, the new version of Hamlet called torch Lining Fei point. Since the 2001 Beijing Olympic bid made, 1.3 billion Chinese per capita that "Li Ning Sports Goods" is definitely the Olympic Games "only" sponsor, and then last year the sponsor of the tender in January, Adidas bid 1.3 billion yuan to obtain sponsorship, he just Li Ning of 1 billion yuan squeezed out. as can be fully unveiled at the Beijing Olympics, Li Ning, in addition to sponsoring Chinese table tennis, gymnastics, diving and the like shooting four national teams, but also look for other ways to cooperate with the media, as early as in 2006, Li Ning will Olympic Channel signed with the Central Television, for all presenters, reporters tailored clothing, although the Beijing Olympic Media cooperation has been halted, but the brand is already spreading. A survey shows that in the sports apparel industry in China, up to 37% of the popular "mistake" Li Ning is a sponsor of the Beijing Olympics, and the real sponsor Adidas only 22% of people know, at the opening ceremony After the 11th Hong Kong stock market, "Li Ning sporting goods company," shares rose 5 percent, floral were finally actually becomes the biggest winner.