& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] in June of this year, Li Ning, Anta, and other Chinese sports apparel stock prices listed in Hong Kong fell for two consecutive weeks. The reason is only one message: Nike plans to use low-priced products into the mainland market tier. In fact, Adidas has a similar plan. So, foreign brands are Nike, led by second and third tier market expansion Why should it? Their plan will face what challenges? This is today we want to talk about the topic. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to enter the Chinese market has become the second and third tier Nike and other foreign brands in the world the only way to achieve business growth. China's market has been the largest overseas market Nike. In Retro jordans for sale 2009, Nike's revenue in the Chinese market growth of about 10 percent over the previous year. While other domestic sports brand Li Ning and Anta revenue growth and more than 25 percent. The reason for the formation of such a large contrast, is limited because of long-term foreign brands North Canton and other cities, while local brands are more to focus on the second and third tier cities. Although the market is large cities, consumer purchasing power, but the growth has been relatively slow, intense competition, the cost is higher. And with the urbanization process in China, the second and third tier urban consumers faster income growth levels, a huge market space. It can be said, Nike who are also self-styled first-tier cities, it is cheap jordans for sale mens equal to the world's fastest-growing sportswear market ceded competitors. However, Nike had to be successful in second and third tier market will face no small challenge. The first is the adjustment of product lines. Second and third tier cities in China, the market is the most acceptable footwear priced between 170 yuan to 250 yuan, while the price in China of Nike footwear products are sold in 400 yuan to 1,000 yuan range. Therefore, Nike must consider the introduction of a number of lower-priced products. It is estimated that Nike footwear products need to be down 25% price range, reached the level of 300 yuan per pair. However, price is not easy to achieve. Because it means that companies have to reduce costs product value chai cheap foamposites n. To the product price down to 300 yuan, Nike and its suppliers need unit profit fell about 21%. The ultimate sales growth will be sufficient to offset the lower prices brought about by the loss of profits is still uncertain. Secondly, the lower prices are likely to damage the brand image, loss of loyal customers. For many young consumers, to have a pair of Nike shoes is a very face of things. If the product price to a level acceptable to the public, then past the pursuit of high-end, personalized customer get satisfaction will be greatly reduced from the product. In 2008, Adidas had to protect the brand image, risking falling out with the dealer, preventing them cheap empty inventory. The biggest names on the brand image of love is e Cheap air jordans for sale vident. Finally, a foothold in the second and third tier cities, increasing sales terminal cover is an unavoidable Hom. In most people's minds, selling nearly a thousand dollars every turn Nike products, dealer profits will be very impressive, Nike dealers who want to increase sales outlets will certainly rush. However, the reality is not so. Foreign brand dealers profit has actually lower than the domestic brand dealers about 5 percentage points. This is partly due to the opening of the Nike store-front investments than domestic brands, on the other hand, foreign brand product price more transparent, autonomous decision-making space for the price the dealer is also smaller. Further, since the channel system is not flat, the product Retro jordans for sale layers increases, the terminal distributor of product prices more competitive. So, for the majority of small-scale dealers, the same input, they prefer domestic brands proxy higher profits. To overcome these challenges, Nike are not entirely helpless. First, in order to reduce costs, Nike needs to be transferred to China more factories inland, and in product design and procurement, and marketing chain to reduce costs. In the channels, we should strengthen the construction of flat channels, recruit more local employees to send more managers to actively communicate with the local dealer. Thus closer to the rapidly changing needs of consumers. For example, Adidas changed the only contact with the agent, the latter is responsible for m cheap jordans for sale anaging the dealer's strategy, in September this year before the establishment of a docking and distributors team. In marketing, it should attract consumers through brand differentiation, rather than price wars to compete head-to. Soften brand in high-end, professional image among consumers, and then launch the appropriate price more popular products, consumers will be able to avoid too much attention to reduce, reduce the low-cost brand image damage. In the past, Nike, Adidas sports brands such great emphasis on professionalism, and therefore the distance to the average consumer a bit far. Professional sports products have a "one-man multi-product" of consumption patterns, refers to a professional consumers will buy for different fu Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping nctional needs of sports apparel. For example, wear running shoes jogging, playing basketball shoes, tennis shoes, soccer shoes. However, the majority of second and third tier cities for consumers, but often still "single single-product" of consumption patterns, sports apparel often need to fit a variety of sports, even for everyday wear life. In view of this situation, foreign brands to enter these markets may attempt to shape a more life-oriented, fashion-oriented brand image. For example, Adidas ad, please do Joke brand ambassador, exercise is more to life yoga. In order to lower prices without compromising the brand image may also be considered by a special sub-brands to launch low-end products, to avoid the use of the company's ma Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping in brand. Such as Nike can its two brands as Converse and Umbro Low pioneer, and let the Nike brand continue to adhere to the high end. Adidas's Reebok may also be the first price adjustment downward.Adidas Originals NMD recently released three new design shoes to meet the needs of more people in the summer wear. The three colors are red, purple and gray as the main color, of which the red is made of black and red, and the other two are made of clean white stable blocks. Designed to use breathable mesh material to make shoes, and the gray version is also in the upper "three bar" logo into the reflective elements, add bright spot, I believe these three new color matching must have what you want. At present, the official has not yet announ cheap jordans online ced the three NMD specific offering information, interested friends may wish to pay more attention. last night, Nike held an open event in Hongkong called , THE FUTURE IS NOW, which gave people a chance to reach Nike MAG at close range. (this pair of shoes from the future of how hard it is, I need not say it) and after trying on the activity and conference wonderful, in addition to the 89 Nike double gift list, and the other takes out a pair of MAG a live auction, and after a fierce competition, the first two were sent MAG 810 thousand Hong Kong dollars (about 700 thousand yuan) price by auction, the buyer had the honor to become the world's first Nike MAG shoes, and this 810 thousand Hong Kong dollars of money, will be donated to cheap jordan shoes for men Parkinson's Disease Research Institute Michael J. Fox foundation for the medical research disease. today, 89 lucky "MAG the winning bidder list will be announced, the first double auction reference price, estimated that many of Sneakerhead's" shoe king "of the dream, will stop here.2002, Nike SB has worked with the famous hand Richard, Mulder, Danny, Supa, Reese, Forbes, and Gino Iannucci, established the Nike SB Team. This year, when the birth of SB Dunk 15th anniversary, so the brand will be brought back in different forms once the classic. following the earlier legendary skateboarder Richard Mulder brings as color design SB Dunk High Nike "Mulder", the brand will once again back to the days of Nike SB's Reese Forbes made skateboarder "Wheat" color. = the engraved version of SB Dunk Low Reverse Reese Forbes Wheat " The first version of the SB Dunk Low = "Reese Forbes Wheat" this time we took the lead in getting physical objects. SO, let's enjoy it. The first version of and compared the latest engraved "Reverse Reese Forbes Wheat at SB Dunk Low," the color of wheat, using the same version of the same depth first shoes suede tone combination, the biggest difference is that the upper part made on the color depth, which may cause a reversal of the "Reverse" is its name in the word. Both the new design and the classic sense of retention. is the first shoebox, using , Tiffany", tone, and shoebox with caps of white, NIKE, SB and Swooh, and the whole is very fresh. speaks of wheat, which is simply a symbol of selling out, much more than the wheat color AF1 that was previously on sale. these shoes are also made of a whole wheat color design, which is sure to bring up a whirlwind of wheat color, and the styles of the lower ones are obviously more suitable for wear in the summer. shoes inside has an elastic strap connected with the tongue with thick soles, presumably as a pair of professional skateboard shoes in order to pursue its better dynamic fit. 〈〉Jerry Lorenzo, former Fear of God released a pair of X Vault by Vans branded shoes, black and white signature type fear classic of God font pattern with the shoe body, at the same time in front of the shoe body with a belt design. 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